New YANQINA Black 36H Waterproof Pen Precision Liquid Eyeliner


YANQINA Black Waterproof Pen Liquid Eyeliner Pen 36H Long Lasting

Colour: BLACK, Blue and Brown - 1 Pcs


  1. The perfect eyeliner pen makes you more charming  and for daily use,
  2. To enhance the shape and colour of your eyes by using this eyeliner,
  3. Easy to use waterproof and long lasting,
  4. With the eyeliner pen, your eyes can be bigger and brighter 
  5. This eyeliner can dry fast.


Condition: New


Length: 5.31 " / 13.5 cm 

Weight: 0.42 oz / 12 g

Colour: Black, Blue and Brown, Choose from menu

Comes without box, just 1 eyeliner pen.